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Welcome to the Communities In Schools of North Carolina Resource Library. Please use this page to learn more about topics that are impacting our students across the state, including resources for helping students improve in the areas of attendance, behavior, coursework and parent/family engagement.


CIS Impact Reports
Spring 2016 Impact Report
Spring 2015 Impact Report

2014-15 Impact Snapshot
2013/14 Quick Facts
2012/13 Changing the Picture Report
2012/13 Quick Facts
Five Year National Evaluation

Integrated Student Supports
Child Trends: Integrated Student Supports Report

Roadmap of Need

2016 Roadmap of Need – Public School Forum of North Carolina
2014 Roadmap of Need – Public School Forum of North Carolina

Attendance Resources
Attendance Works: Tools and TA
The Importance of Being in School: A Report on Absenteeism in the Nation’s Public Schools
Ask a REL: Attendance
Collaborative approaches to reducing absenteeism among K-12 students
Increasing Student Attendance: Strategies from Research and Practice

Behavior Resources
Preventing Student Disengagement: Early Identification and Effective Interventions
CASEL: Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs
Research-based Models of Behavioral Intervention for Young Children
Alternatives to Suspension 2015 Report

Coursework Resources
American Psychological Association: Facing the school dropout dilemma
Extra Learning Opportunities

CISNC Readers Playhouse improves reading engagement and enjoyment by combining literature, through Readers Theater, with motivating technology and service learning. CISNC Readers Playhouse is intended for students who will benefit from various reading practices and the excitement of performing. CISNC Readers Playhouse draws on multiple research studies and is designed to be highly effective without requiring a reading specialist or certified teacher for implementation.Content for the program is stored on Kindle Tablets: books, scripts and games, with audio and video capabilities for feedback.


Parent/Family Engagement Resources
NCDPI: Parents, Family and Community Information
Research-based Parent Involvement Strategies
Harvard Family Research Project
Sample Best Practices for Parent Involvement in Schools
Impact of Parent Involvement on Academic Achievement