Our Standards

Communities In Schools makes a commitment to youth to build and sustain healthy nonprofit organizations that are rooted in the community for the long haul.  We make sure that all of our CIS affiliates are in North Carolina communities that can benefit from our innovative student support services and that they use best practices proven to keep children in school.

That’s why we have a national set of standards to follow, known as Total Quality System (TQS).  These standards make sure that we are able to adapt to changing environments, grow our CIS affiliates and provide programs and strategies whose effectiveness has been proven through research and evidence of impact.

When a CIS affiliate meets all the TQS standards, it receives national recognition as an accredited affiliate. We started the TQS process in North Carolina in 2009. Currently, 26 of our affiliates have achieved accreditation status – CIS of Brunswick County, Children First/CIS of Buncombe County, CIS of Caldwell County, CIS of Cape Fear, CIS of Carteret County, CIS of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, CIS of Clay County, CIS of Cleveland County, CIS of Cumberland County, CIS of Durham, CIS of Gaston County, CIS of High Point, CIS of Lee County, CIS of Lexington/Davidson County, CIS of Lincoln County, CIS of Madison County, CIS of Montgomery County, CIS of Moore County, CIS of Randolph County, CIS of Robeson County, CIS of Rocky Mount, CIS of Rowan County, CIS of Thomasville, CIS of Wake County, CIS of Wayne County and CIS of Wilkes County.

Additionally, CISNC is the first Communities In Schools state office in the country to achieve national accreditation by demonstrating compliance with all TQS standards.  Click here for more information on this achievement.

For more information about the TQS standards, see this handy one-pager.