Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories November 2011

November 30, 2011

Travel with us this month to Clay County, on the far western edges of North Carolina. "The terrain is rugged and beautiful, the people are salt-of-the-earth and kind," describes multimedia producer Justin Cook in his accompanying blog post. A well kept secret, Clay County boasts an Appalachian way of living tied to “old ways” of farming, logging and building things from scratch. To the people of Clay County, the shop class at Hayesville High School, a project of CIS of Clay County, is critically important in preserving their heritage and in teaching vocational skills to young people. In light of recent U.S. Census data that nearly 1-in-5 western North Carolinians live in poverty in more than half of the region’s 17 counties, this month's "Overcoming Obstacles" video shows the value of CIS of Clay County's efforts to tackle poverty head-on with opportunities for young people to develop a marketable skill upon graduation. Hear what Hayesville High teacher Danny Jones, CIS of Clay County Executive Director Theresa Waldroup and Principal Keith Nuckolls each have to say about Communities In Schools and the “old ways” of doing, where communities work together to raise their children.

Visit CISNC's blog for reflections by multimedia producer Justin Cook on documenting the students and caring adults of Hayesville, NC.

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