CIS Network in N.C. Helped 98% of Students Stay in School;  92% of Seniors Graduate

March 05, 2012

Communities In Schools of North Carolina (CISNC) today announced the release of its network data from the 2010-2011 school year in two easily-accessible documents, CISNC’s Quick Facts 2010-2011 and the 2010-2011 Impact Report. Of the 143,615 youth served by the Communities In Schools of North Carolina network during the 2010-2011 school year, 52,195 were high school students.

  • The event dropout rate for those high school students that were followed for their progress in school was just 1.96%.
  • All CIS students are identified as being at-risk of dropping out of school, hence the reason for their being referred to CIS.
  • Of all the CIS high school students who did not drop out last year, 305 of them were either students who had decided to leave school or had already dropped out but then chose to give school one more chance. These students entered into one of only five CIS Performance Learning Centers (PLCs) in North Carolina and graduated in the 2010-2011 academic year.
  • Of our CIS high school seniors, 92% graduated.

The release of these data coincides with the announcement made in early February by the Department of Public Instruction to the State Board of Education that the number of students who dropped out of school in 2010-2011 was at a record low. According to that release, “the rate of 3.43% is the lowest grade 9-12 dropout rate ever recorded in North Carolina.”


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