• Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories December 2011

    December 21, 2011

    From Wilkes County to Mecklenburg County to Moore County to Orange County... from Guilford County to New Hanover County to Stokes County to Robeson County... from Lee County to Brunswick County to Clay County... what a year it's been capturing the faces of CIS! Take a moment and see again the familiar faces of our CIS Family. These are the children, young people, mentors and adults whose lives are changed by being part of Communities In Schools. We hope you enjoy this year-end medley featuring familiar and never-before-seen footage from all of our "Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories" videos. Your support of CIS helps kids across the state overcome all kinds of obstacles and realize their dreams. Their success means a better future for all of us. We thank you.

    "For the past year I have been the man behind the camera who has brought this series to life. I have asked a lot of questions this year. Who are you? What are your fears? What gives you joy? What do you want for these kids? What could have made your childhood better? All these were meant to address the larger question: What is CIS? Or better, who is CIS?," writes multimedia producer Justin Cook, who produced the CISNC "Overcoming Obstacles" video series this year. Enjoy reading his reflections on the "humbling privilege" it has been to tell the stories behind Communities In Schools of North Carolina.

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  • Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories November 2011

    November 30, 2011

    Travel with us this month to Clay County, on the far western edges of North Carolina. "The terrain is rugged and beautiful, the people are salt-of-the-earth and kind," describes multimedia producer Justin Cook in his accompanying blog post. A well kept secret, Clay County boasts an Appalachian way of living tied to “old ways” of farming, logging and building things from scratch. To the people of Clay County, the shop class at Hayesville High School, a project of CIS of Clay County, is critically important in preserving their heritage and in teaching vocational skills to young people. In light of recent U.S. Census data that nearly 1-in-5 western North Carolinians live in poverty in more than half of the region’s 17 counties, this month's "Overcoming Obstacles" video shows the value of CIS of Clay County's efforts to tackle poverty head-on with opportunities for young people to develop a marketable skill upon graduation. Hear what Hayesville High teacher Danny Jones, CIS of Clay County Executive Director Theresa Waldroup and Principal Keith Nuckolls each have to say about Communities In Schools and the “old ways” of doing, where communities work together to raise their children.

    Visit CISNC's blog for reflections by multimedia producer Justin Cook on documenting the students and caring adults of Hayesville, NC.

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  • For Sale: Limited Edition “Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories” 2012 Wall Calendar

    November 07, 2011

    A Great holiday gift! Check out the CISNC "Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories" 2012 CISNC Calendar, featuring the best images and sound bites from CISNC's yearlong "Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories" video series. First come, first served! Limited Edition Quantity of 200 remaining! Please fill out an order form before January 15 to purchase your calendar. Consider buying several as gifts!

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  • Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories October 2011

    October 27, 2011

    Eighth grader Paige Lowery has come along way since the 6th grade, when she missed almost 40 days of school, was written up for “having a mouth,” was suspended for hitting a teacher with a ball of paper and stole a pair of jeans that almost sent her to jail. CIS Success Coach Brian Walker has helped Paige through CIS of Brunswick County’s Peer Court Program, an alternative juvenile justice program where young people who commit crimes at school are tried by a group of their peers and sentenced to community service instead of going to real court, perhaps landing themselves in jail and certainly having a record until they are 18. Watch our October "Overcoming Obstacles" video below and check out the wonderful story of how, with the help of CIS, the course of Paige Lowery's life has been redirected. “We all make mistakes," says Brian Walker, "but what you do when you make a mistake is what’s important.”

    Visit CISNC's blog for reflections on documenting Paige and Brian by multimedia producer Justin Cook.

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  • Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories September 2011

    September 29, 2011

    This month's "Overcoming Obstacles: CIS Success Stories" video explores the "hidden issue" of childhood hunger and showcases one of the most critical programs offered by CIS local affiliates around the state (and country), upheld by the manpower and generosity of volunteers each week—The BackPack Pals Program. Heather Little, Executive Director of CIS of Lee County, works with volunteers and guidance counselors like Audrey Stone to provide underprivileged children with food to eat on the weekends through the highly successful and desperately needed BackPack Pals Program. "Heather, Audrey and the volunteers that make BackPack Pals a success are proof that a little compassion can go a long way, and that ordinary people can—in Mother Teresa’ words—'do small things with great love' that help people who are struggling against extraordinary odds in unimaginable ways," says multimedia producer Justin Cook in his accompanying blog post. Special thanks to Denise Blanco-Durán for her assistance with Spanish translation.

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