Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates

What is Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates?

Over the last 36 years, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) has served more than 1.1 million students in more than 1,200 communities in the United States. North Carolina joined the JAG network as the 35th state to offer this student-centered, college and career readiness program to its high school students in the 2017-18 school year. As a program of Communities In Schools of North Carolina, Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates will continue the JAG mission to achieve high outcomes in graduation and employment rates, resulting in increased college access and completion. College and Career Specialists, who are trained to prepare students to achieve academic, career and life success, serve students in seven North Carolina counties.

 Our Commitment

  • Help resolve our state’s dropout and transition problems by providing classroom-based curriculum to teach students most at risk to overcome barriers to graduation from high school while becoming college and career ready
  • Equip College and Career Specialists with proven programs and unique services to keep high school youth in school through graduation with a focus on the next step into either college or success in their chosen career field
  • Develop future leaders to close North Carolina’s growing jobs gap with a ready workforce that supports strong families and communities

2016-2017 JAG National Results Snapshot

  • 95% of JAG students graduated
  • 75% of JAG students maintained a full-time job
  • 90% of JAG students had a full-time job and/or college placement

Look for the results of our first year of Jobs for North Carolina’s Graduates in the fall of 2018.

How do I get my student Involved?

Contact your school’s College and Career Specialist today. The Specialist will then schedule a time to talk with your student and determine if the program is the best fit.

If JNCG is a great next step, the College and Career Specialist will speak with the school’s advisory committee and recommend the student for participation in the program. The committee makes a final decision.