Our Initiatives -Five Basics

Whether we are providing a student with eyeglasses so he can see the front of the class or matching a child with a mentor, all of our services meet one of our “five basics.” We believe every child needs and deserves


  1. A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult (mentors, parental involvement programs)
  2. A safe place to learn and grow (afterschool programs)
  3. A healthy start and a healthy future (drug and alcohol education, physical and dental exams)
  4. A marketable skill to use upon graduation (career counseling and employment skills)
  5. A chance to give back to peers and community (community service opportunities)


Our affiliates provide their students with these services in two ways. Level One services address the entire’s schools needs, and Level Two services help students on an individualized basis. Level One services are widely accessible to all students at a Communities In Schools partner school. They are short-term measures provided on an as-needed basis, such as school assemblies, clothing or school supply drives, career fairs, health screenings, grief counseling or field trips. Level Two services are directed at students with specific needs and/or dropout factors.  These services typically include an enrollment or assignment procedure and are sustained interventions lasting several weeks, months or an entire school year.  Examples of Level Two services include tutoring, mentoring, individual counseling, before- and after-school programs and community service.  This combination of Level One and Level Two services makes sure students are getting the right academic and personal support they need to stay in school and achieve in life.