About Us


Pam Hartley – 919-832-2700
President and CEO

Jill Cox – 984-664-9415
VP, Strategic Communications

LaTeesa Allen – 984-664-9406
 Chief Program Officer

Kim Gazella– 984-664-9400
Office Manager

Jennifer Crumpler – 984-664-9418
Associate Vice President of Development                  

Susan Everhart – 984-664-9422
Special Projects/Grants Specialist        

College and Career Readiness

Stacia Solomon – 919-215-3723
Vice President of College and Career Readiness

Network Relations

Heather Wallace – 703-501-8480
Director of Network Relations and Reaccreditation

Fallon Brewington – 984-664-9423
Director of Network Relations and Training      

Allison Jordan – 828-230-5237
Director of Network Relations and Executive Coach 
Collin McColskey-Leary – 984-664-9404
Director of Research and Implementation

Youth Development

Christal Carmichael– 919-832-2700
Director of Youth Development

Orville Heron
Youth Success Coach

Tameesha Hathaway
Youth Success Coach

Embedded Operations

Nevin Daryani – 919-600-4197
Director of Embedded Operations

Cerise Collins– 919-215-3913
Director of Embedded Operations
Willie Gillus
Program Director and Student Support Specialist – Weldon City Schools

CIS of the Rocky Mount Region

Dorothy Hinton
 Director of Community Partnerships and Programs

Akilah Hunte
Program Director

Edith Penny
Program Director

Finance and Administration

Lana Jenkins– 984-664-9412
Chief Financial Officer

Joni Reisinger -984-664-9410
Financial Analyst

Debbie Frank -984-664-9403
Accounting Specialist

Erin Spencer – 984-664-9420
Director of Human Resources