Our Initiatives - Performance Learning Centers

The Performance Learning Centers (PLCs) are Communities In Schools’ answer to addressing the unique challenges faced by students who are not successful in traditional high schools, where many PLC students are on the verge of dropping out or have dropped out already. The PLC allows students to make up credits and graduate on time through the use of self-paced, online curriculum. Students also can take advantage of the PLC’s offering of job shadowing, internships and dual-enrollment at a college or university.

The idea behind the PLC is simple: combine an intense academic program with a strong personal support system. Each PLC has a services coordinator who helps students meet their nonacademic needs, whether they are personal, family, school or community-related.  This one-on-one relationship gives students the support and encouragement they need to focus on school, knowing their personal needs are met.

In North Carolina, the first PLC was opened in Charlotte for the 2006-2007 school year. Since then, Communities In Schools of North Carolina has opened four more PLCs in Durham, Cabarrus, Cumberland and New Hanover counties.  In the 2010-2011 school year, nearly 350 PLC students graduated, and every student would confirm that, had it not been for the PLC, he or she would have dropped out of school.

Visit the PLC Web sites to learn more about each individual program:

Fuller Performance Learning Center, Fayetteville
Charlotte Performance Learning Center, Charlotte

Cabarrus Performance Learning Center, Concord

Durham Performance Learning Center, Durham

Mary S. Mosley Performance Learning Center, Wilmington